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Fall Bullwhip Sale through Oct 5th!

Nylon BullwhipNow through October 5th, all bullwhips with plaited handles are on sale with $25.00 off the base price.

Please note: Standard ordering policies apply to whips ordered during this sale. All orders will placed on my order list to be built on a first come first serve basis.

Dene Williams Leather Splitter on eBay


Click here to see the 10 day listing.

About 4 years ago, I thought I wanted to get into making leather whips and I started accumulating some things. Having already established my name widely as a maker of nylon whips, I soon found that I would just never have the time to pursue making leather whips because I’m always so backlogged with orders. I am now selling off the remaining supplies I had in order to reinvest the money in my apiary in order to fulfill my plans for moving into beekeeping as my full time profession.

The items I’m selling:

1. Dene Williams Handheld Leather Splitter:

This leather splitter was made in Australia. I bought it directly from Dene Williams himself. These sell new for $165.00 –if you can find them! As I understand, Mr. Williams has not made any in a while and won’t be making any more until sometime after the start of 2014. That means supplies are limited. I used it for probably for a grand total of 30 minutes splitting some lace and I haven’t touched it since. It has been sitting out on my work bench gathering dust in the shed. If you want to get one of these coveted leather splitters now rather than later, this is your chance.

2. David Morgan lace cutter.

These are readily available from David Morgan. This was a gift from another whipmaker and I hate to sell it just because of that, but I have no need of it and I’m tossing it in…

3. R.M. Williams Lace Cutter:

This is a very common lace cutter in most leather whip shops. I cannot remember where I got it, but it was lightly used as well. Will need new blades. Tossing it in too.

4. Kip hide from the UK

This piece of kip came from the UK. It’s about 1.7mm thick and I put the yard stick in the photo to give you an idea of the size. I cut a good bit off of it in a circular fashion to make some lace for a cow whip I was making so this is mostly the center part of the hide.It has some stains and such, but I’m not a “leather guy” so that’s about all I know.

5. Black Deer Leather from Australia

I got this piece from Simon Martin. It’s roughly 1.7mm or so thick (estimated) and Simon said the shoulders had been cut off and sold before I got it from him. All I really know for sure is that it’s black, deer, and it came from Oz. Again, not a “leather guy” so that’s about all I can say. Selling it as-is and the yard stick is in the picture to give you an idea of how large it is.

So there you have it. Win this auction and you will have purchased what remains of Rhett Kelley’s short lived experiment in making leather whips.

Rest assured, your purchase price (after eBay and Paypal fees) will go to support a good cause: Supporting the bees of Kelley Honeybee Farm!

The Tool Whip

A few weeks ago I was working on my truck. I picked up a Craftsman screwdriver and got to looking at it’s classic, almost iconic grip. All of a sudden the idea hit me: This would be an interesting grip for a bullwhip. That is, in a “novelty” sort of way. I had never seen anything like it before.  This prototype is built to the same standard as all of my 16 plait  woody bullwhips, but with a Craftsman handle.

It is now for sale on eBay.

Lightning Whips and Safety Straps

Browsing a nylon paracord supplier’s website recently I saw something that intrigued me: Paracord with 2 small reflective strips running thought it. Though expensive compared to normal paracord, I thought there might be a possibility of incorporating this cord into my existing products and making some unique products:

Introducing “Kelley Lightning Whips.”

These whips are are neon yellow and neon orange with the reflective trace and available not only as cow whips, but as bullwhips, snakewhips, and stockwhips as well. This makes them both black light reactive and they will reflect brilliantly when light shined upon them. The result looks almost like you’ve harnessed lightning.

These whips are not waxed because the wax dampens the reflective quality of the neon orange cord. This particular cow whip weighs in at just 11.4 ounces and the 16″ ash handle weights a mere 4.5 ounces, making this whip a very light weight cow whip.

This prototype Lightning  Whip will be auctioned on eBay later today. Be sure to like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter to get the link when it is posted.

(Edit: Here’s the link to the eBay auction!)

Safety Bracelets

Applying this new reflective paracord to our line of survival bracelets gives us a new twist on a popular product. When applied to our bracelets, you have a high visibility bracelet that does everything regular paracord bracelets are made to do with the added benefit that whenever you’re in the dark and light shines upon this bracelet really shines!

The color and reflective quality make these bracelets great for hunters.  But also for people who jog, cycle, or walk near streets or roads, these bracelets could alert oncoming motorists to your presence and help you avoid being stuck by a motorist. Look carefully at the photos of my son above to see how well the bracelet reflects.

This first safety strap will be given away in a drawing from those who joined my email newsletter. Prices start at $20.00 for the larger sized bracelet seen here. They can be ordered by contacting us by one of the options seen on the contact/order page.

Rhett Kelley

The name “Kelley Lightning Whips” is copyright 2012 by Rhett Kelley Whips, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Guided Tour of the New has a new look, new products, and a new way to order!

The first new tab you’ll notice on the navigation tab is the new online store. There you will find all of the nylon whips and other products that are available. Under the store tab you will find a FAQ page where I have attempted to post most of the common questions people ask me as well as a few hypothetical questions I think may arise from time to time.

As far as products, we have a few new additions to the site:

  1. The FCE stockwhip.
  2. 12 plait nylon bullwhips.
  3. Nylon Indiana Jones bullwhips.
  4. Paracord Survival Bracelets.
  5. Whip Basics DVDs.
  6. Whipmaking Kits.
  7. Rhett Kelley Whips t-shirts.
  8. Coreless Nylon Paracord
  9. How to Make Whips, by Ron Edwards


The 2nd tab is all “About,” there you will find a drop down that contains lots of information about myself and the business.

The 3rd tab is the Gallery. There you can find lots if pictures of whips I’ve made. I intend to keep this updated with new pictures on a regular basis.
The 4th is the Contact page. Please note the new business hours and email address.

The final tab is a link back to this blog.

And that’s about it for the tour. I hope it helps.
Rhett Kelley

Rhett Kelley Whips, LLC Relaunch

Stop by and see the newly remodeled!
New look, new products, and new lower prices on standard 16 plait bullwhips!



Coming Soon: Whipmaking Kits and Coreless Paracord

I’m very happy to announce that I’m working out the details to be able to offer complete kits to go along with my whipmaking DVDs!

The kits will offer my DVD students the essential tools needed for the project, but without having to shop all over the web to find them. The kits will include: a cow whip handle, sinker cord, lacing needle, hemostats, fid, woodburning tool, and 500ft of coreless nylon paracord in one color.

The whipmaking kits will be available with or without the DVDs.  (The kit and DVDs together will cost $150.00 plus shipping. Separately, the kits are $100 each.)

Selling paracord is something I swore I’d never get into. However, I recently stumbled upon a deal that will allow me to offer my customers and friends coreless paracord at a good price. I will soon have available 500ft spools of coreless paracord in all the usual colors we whipmakers use.

While the coreless cord won’t be quit as cheap as the regular cord, the time a whipmaker saves having to pull out the inner stands will make it worth the extra price.

To keep things simple, I will only offer 500ft spools. I don’t have the time or manpower for getting into making custom cut orders. The spools will cost $35.00 each plus shipping. I am securing the regional flat rate shipping boxes from USPS in order to keep shipping prices as low as possible.

Though I’m going to be selling coreless paracord, I will continue to recommend all my original suppliers for your regular paracord needs as they can provide it at better prices that I can right now.

Until I get everything put together and added to my website, you can order cord and kits directly from me by calling or emailing me (See contact/order page). Stay tuned for more information.

New Bullwhip on eBay!

I have a 3 day auction going for a 4ft woody bull with a birdseye maple handle.

Thanks for looking and Happy Bidding!

Rhett Kelley

12 Plait Bullwhip Prototype for Sale


Of all the whips I’ve sold, you won’t find any bullwhips out there that aren’t 16 plait. Until now… This week I finished a prototype version of my own line of 12 plait bullwhips. It’s made in the same manner as all my other bullwhips, but without the additional 16 plait overlay. I have posted this first-of-a-kind whip on eBay. If you would like to own it, please log on to eBay and place your bids!

Whipmaking Supplies: Sinker Cord for Sale!

In my whipmaking DVD, I recommend using 3/8″ sinker cord to load with BBs for weighting nylon whips. Sinker cord is available online at less than $0.15/ft, but the shipping rates are outrageous because they only ship via UPS. If you only want 6ft of sinker cord, you’re looking at paying around $17.00!! Unless you’re going to make lots of whips, you may not want to buy the amount needed to make it worth paying such high shipping fees.

Here’s the Good news: I now have 3/8″ sinker cord available for purchase with postage included in the price

Using the example above, If you order 6ft of sinker cord from me, you only pay $6.00, saving you around $11.00!

New prices!

The more sinker cord you buy, the cheaper it is per foot:

1-19 ft = $1.00/ft
20-49ft = $0.85/ft
50ft -69ft = $0.70/ft
70ft – 99ft = $0.55/ft
100ft and over = $0.45/ft

1st class Postage included to all U.S. addresses! Priority Mail for orders over $20.00!

To order, email Rhettswhips @ yahoo .com

-Rhett Kelley