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Indiana Jones KOTCS Nylon Bullwhip

I am happy to announce the latest addition to my line of Indiana Jones inspired bullwhips. This whip is made to resemble the bullwhip seen in The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull and is chocolate brown with black turkshead knots. The thong has a 16 plait overlay around 2 plaited bellies.

The transition of this whip has been lengthened to better resemble the KOTCS bullwhip. A nylon whip will never be “screen accurate;” my intent with this whip is not to make a “SA” whip, but to craft a reasonably priced, high quality nylon bullwhip that gives a good general impression of an Indy style bullwhip. As U.K. whipmaker Tony Layzell might say, this is my “interpretation” of the KOTCS bullwhip.

The total handle length is 8″ with the knots spaced 5″ apart. The heel knot is a 7 part, 6 bight turkshead taken twice around. The transition knot is a 6 part, 5 bight taken twice around.


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2009 in Review

As 2009 now comes to a close, we witness the passing of what will be remembered as a tough year for lots of people. But even in a difficult economy, I’ve seen that people continue to buy whips; thus 2009 was a great year for my business. I had many wonderful customers who provided me with plenty of whip orders to fill even when the hours at my job were lacking. In this final post of the year, I would like to highlight some accomplishments and say thanks.

Here’s some highlights from 2009:

  1. got a long overdue makeover.
  2. Developed my own line of Australian stockwhips.
  3. Saw all-time record ordering volume in April and July.
  4. Redesigned the bellies and fall hitches on my bullwhips.
  5. Successfully entered the nylon Indiana Jones bullwhip market.
  6. Started this blog!
  7. Added new options for cow whip handles: Stratabond and exotic woods
  8. Affiliated with the Whip Basics Project: WBSR Whipmaking Team and DVD distribution.
  9. Began making deer leather and experimenting with leather work.
  10. Resurrected my line of wood handled bullwhips.
  11. Saw my son begin his journey as a whipmaker.
  12. Made lots of new friends!

As you can see, 2009 was a busy year. I’m looking forward to what 2010 has in store.  I appreciate all the customers who helped make it possible. Thank you so much! You’re the best!

Happy New Year!


Indy Style Nylon Bullwhip

Are you a fan of the Indiana Jones movies, but can’t see spending $600.00 -$1000.00 on a leather replica of Dr. Jones’  famous whip? I’m happy to offer a solution: The Indy Style Nylon Bullwhip!

While nylon bullwhips are not considered “screen accurate,” I can build you a nylon bullwhip that is similar in design to the whips used in the movie –and at a fraction of the cost!

As with all of my nylon bullwhips, this whip is shot loaded and built from top quality nylon cord with 2 plaited bellies and a 16 plait overlay. The fall is made of white nylon to simulate  the look of the whitehide falls that were on the original Indy whips. The whip weighs in at 1 lb., 6 ounces and has been dipped in paraffin; so even if you’re on an adventure and end up in a river, your whip will be just fine. This whip cracks loud and with ease.

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Young Indy Bullwhip on eBay

I now have a 6ft Young Indy Bullwhip for sale on eBay. Click here to see the listing and/or place a bid.

It’s somewhat rare for me to sell whips on eBay nowadays, so this is a good chance to get a Kelley bullwhip in your collection and beat the waiting list.

The whip cracks really well.

The Young Indy Bullwhip

Today I would like to unveil one of my latest bullwhips: the “Young Indy”. While I’m by no means the first nylon whipmaker to make this particular style of bullwhip, I have been intrigued by the look of this whip for a long time and finally decided to make one. My goal is to offer a great looking Young Indy at a price that’s easy on the wallet in a tough economy.

For the uninitiated, this bullwhip is called the “Young Indy” because it’s a nylon replica of a bullwhip seen in The Last Crusade where the late River Phoenix portrays a young Indiana Jones cracking a whip for the first time. (see this page @ Indy Gear for a look at the screen shot of the Young Indy and other whips from the movies).

6ft “Young Indy” Bullwhip
Like my other nylon bullwhips, the Kelley made nylon Young Indy has a 16 plait overlay around 2 plaited bellies; each of the internal layers is reinforced to make a smooth, firm transition. The handle is 8″ long and plaited in a chessboard pattern in imperial red to achieve a nice, dark red color. The knots are 5 part-4 bight turksheads. This whip cracks with ease and handles great.

Similar Young Indy whips from other top quality plaiters will cost you between $130.00 and $165.00. The 6 ft. version of the Young Indy bullwhip is regular priced at just $108.00. And if you order between now and the end of July, the price is just $97.00. That’s a deal that’s hard to beat!

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Rhett Kelley

Neon Indy Whip

This past week I had the chance to make a very unique Indian Jones style bullwhip for a stuntman who lives in Florida. It’s a 10ft, 16 plait bullwhip made neon yellow paracord. It will be used in a blacklight show so it will glow very bright.

The fellow who ordered the whip is accustomed to working with actual Indy whips from, so he wanted me to make a nylon that is similar to the whips in which he normally works.  While it’s not possible to create a “screen accurate” Indy bull from nylon, it is possible to make a whip that’s somwhat similar. This particular whip is patterned after the whip seen in the first 3 Indiana Jones movies.

Despite the neon yellow color, I think this whip is about as “Indy” as any nylon whip on the market today (try to imagine it in brown or tan instead!). While I’ve never really targeted the Indiana Jones  “gearhead” market, I feel confident that I do offer an affordable line of quality nylon bullwhips that can work for the Indiana Jones enthusiast who can’t afford to shell out the cash for an Indy whip made from leather.

Now during my July bullwhip sale, you can order your own 10ft nylon Indy whip for just $162.00 plus shipping.

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