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Whipmaking DVDs For Vets

Now through the end of January, your purchase of my whipmaking DVDs will help a good cause.

If you purchase one of my Florida Cow Whip Tutorial DVDs, not only will you receive a copy in the mail, but I will also send your copy to the DVDs 4 Vets charity to be given to a interested veteran recovering in one of the military or V.A. hospitals across the nation.

I have contacted DVDs 4 Vets and they are interested in receiving my videos and said they can put one in each shipment that goes out so it can be given to a veteran interested in learning a new hobby who is currently recovering from injuries sustained serving our country.

If you would like to purchase a DVD for yourself and help a veteran at the same time, please send me an email at for details on how to order.

Taipan’s Review of My Whipmaking DVDs

For years, “Taipan” of has maintained one of the only cow whip tutorials on the web. I have referred countless people to his site for information on making whips and it has been a help to many. Recently Taipan got a copy of my Florida Cow Whip Tutorial DVDs. The following is his assessment of my production:



Supersonic Synthetics

A review of Rhett’s Cow Whip tutorial

Tony Layzell’s review of Rhett’s Cow Whip tutorial says “If your looking to improve your current whip making ability, looking to make a whip for the first time or like me just a collector then click the banner, visit Rhett and buy the DVD set off him, I can’t recommend them high enough, a really comprehensive, educational, value for money purchase I think…..”

I cannot agree more.  I have watched the DVD’s more than a couple of times and want to add my recommendation that any aspiring whip maker get this DVD to put in their toolbox.

He starts off the DVD talking a bit about the history of the Cow Whip and even a bit about the Cow Cavalry which brought a smile to this old troopers face.  I can never get enough history so I would have liked to have seen a bit more but I am happy that he put me on the track to learn more about the ancestry and use of the Cow Whip.  It is fun to know that you are making your own version of what was probably the first kind of whip ever to reach the American continent.

I was a bit disappointed with the production value of the DVD.  Rhett has talked about the difficulty he experienced with producing the DVD and I certainly would have done no better.  That said, making a video is much like making a whip.  Function first and the video does a great job of teaching how to make a whip.  The lighting is good enough so that, usually, the details are easy to see.  Focus was sometimes a problem but it is not even enough of one to require more than a couple of rewinds.

The audio is good and Rhett has a pleasant voice that is easy to understand.  There is a bit of background echo since he was not in a sound studio but it is not a distraction.  Okay, the birds had their say about the process but I have birds too and they can be heard in the background of most of the videos I have made.

Rhett repeatedly says that “Whatever works for you” and “If it works for you” that is the way to do it and this video shows his way.  I have my way and you will have your way to do things.  When we learn from one another it is more tools in the toolbox and I am very appreciative of learning from one of the best whip makers there is.

Learning to plait is an individual skill that is not really covered in this presentation.  He shows how he does it without going into detail.  Watching his hands fly is a joy to see.

He covers his method of dropping strands very well and I am going to try his method next time I sit down at my vice to make a new whip.  He hangs his whip from a door jam and plaits “from the hook” in the way of the old timers.  I am not that good so to prevent my whips from looking like a candy cane I need the crutch of the vice.

I was thrilled with the way he made his tapering twist.  I will probably still call it the twisted fall without meaning any disrespect to him.  I will try this method too since I have always hated the necessity of using what he called “Machines and different do-dads”.  His method is so much easier than the way I had been doing it.  I hope my hands are strong enough to complete the process.

I will probably not tie off the end of the whip as he does but knowing the process is a huge help when it comes time to replace the fall on an well used whip.  I have some that are going on 10 years old including the old “Garden Hose” whip.  One day I will need to make a repair and this is yet another great tool in the box.

Speaking of extras he spent a good bit of time explaining how to splice in a strand.  This is a great part of the DVD which I rewound more than once to 14:23.  He even dropped a stitch at 17 minutes and I have done that more times that I can count.  It was great that he showed how to recognize and correct that common problem in whip making.

The use of the lacing needle is an important part of making what he calls Synthetic and Supersonic and which I am going to steal for the title of this review.  His way seems quick and easy but again I am still going to cut my strands at an angle with a hot knife to thread my needles.  “If it works for you” that is the way to do it.

As for the wax, again I think he has convinced me that it is worth the effort so I am going to give it another try.  I was not happy with the result the first couple of times I did it early on in my whip making so I quit.  I will have to report later on the result.

His handle is beautiful.  Mine never look so good and my method is somewhat dangerous if not downright crazy.  I do like the shape he has made and his method of finishing it has changed my mind completely on the way I will do things in the future.  This alone was worth the price of the DVD just in savings of money spent at Home Depot.

In conclusion, do yourself a big favor and buy the DVD.  You will save enough time and money to recoup the investment many times over.  That said this not the most important thing you will gain from this DVD.  Most aspiring whip makers fail and quit.  There are half finished whips balled up and put in storage all over Texas for sure and surly more across the country and even world.  Rhett’s presentation teaches you to relax and make creating your own Supersonic Synthetic fun and not a chore.  Put Ben Dehart’s song “Cow Hunter Dreams” on in the stereo and enjoy what you are creating.


If you would like to purchase a copy for the discounted price of $67.00, please email me at rhettswhips @

Whip Making DVDs For Sale Now!

I am ready to start taking orders for my nylon cow whip whipmaking DVDs.

If you would like to order a copy, please contact me at “Rhettswhips @ yahoo dot com.”

Again, the price is $85.00 with shipping included to U.S. addresses. (International orders may be more due to shipping)

I can PAL discs for international customers who may need that format.

Whip Making DVDs Release Friday!

As you may know already, I am selling the first copy of my whip making tutorial DVD on eBay along with the whip I made in the video. This auction ends on Thursday evening.

The following day the DVDs start shipping to the general public. I already have a growing list of names of people wanting a copy as soon as it releases, if you are interested, please send me an email at rhettswhips @ yahoo dot com to get on the pre-order list.

  • Disc 1 covers some Florida history, supplies, and making the belly (46 minutes).
  • Disc 2 covers making the overlay, handle options, and waxing. (59 minutes)
  • I even have a short bloopers reel for some levity.

The price is $85.00 for the 2 DVD set. This included shipping in the U.S.

Are you an overseas buyer needing PAL format? No problem! I can do it. Just let me know you need a PAL copy when you order.

First Tutorial DVD set and Whip now on eBay!

The first tutorial DVD set is now complete! Here’s the listing:

Happy Bidding!


Pre-Order Tutorial DVDs Now!

I have seen a great deal of interest in my upcoming nylon whipmaking tutorial DVD. I’ve already had several people ask me to put them on a list to receive the DVDs when I have them ready to release. I am hoping the first copies will be ready over this coming weekend.

If you would like to be added to the list, please email me at Rhettswhips @ with your contact info and “whipmaking DVD” in the subject line.

While I am still planning to post the first DVD set and the whip on eBay, I will go ahead and open it up to start receiving orders for the DVD.

You don’t have to put any money down, just email me your name, address, and phone # along with how many copies you are interested in buying. After the first DVD set sells on eBay, I will start contacting everyone who wants the tutorial and start shipping out the orders.

If you happen to win the auction, I will gladly take your name off the DVD order list.

The total price with shipping included (to U.S. addresses) will be $85.00. That’s not cheap, but it’s nearly 20 years of cow whip making experience I am sharing. Think of it like this, it is much cheaper than having me come teach you in person and you can play it over and over again!

Cow Whip Tutorial Teaser #2

Cow Whip Tutorial Teaser

Cow Whip Tutorial DVD Update #2

The filming of my upcoming  6ft cow whip tutorial DVD is nearing completion! In the photo here, you can see the finished black and tan thong and the zebrawood blank I will be using for the handle.

Today we finished shooting the construction of the thong . Tomorrow I will do the introduction segment and a segment on handles.  For the sake of time and disc space, I will not show handle construction in full detail, but I will include some footage from before, during, and after it’s completed. I will be talking about different ways of obtaining handles for those who do not have a lathe.

The only thing so far that I wish I could change is that I could not get the newer, better camera to work with my movie making software. Therefore, I had to use my older camera and a small portion of the footage (when zoomed in) came out a little bit grainy. I didn’t realize this until after the whip was finished, but in spite of that, I think it won’t hinder anyone’s learning. Also, I now believe this project may require 2 DVD discs.

Please note:

In order to find a nice home for the whip I have made for this tutorial, I am going to offer the very first DVD set and the whip from the video on eBay. It will have a signed certificate with it stating that it is the first edition DVD set and that the whip is the one I made in the video. This will be made available before the DVDs are officially for sale. Stay tuned for that announcement!

Have a great weekend!


Coming Soon: Nylon Whipmaking Tutorial DVD!

Just wanted to post a quick update that I have decided to produce a tutorial DVD on nylon cow whip construction.

My goal is to make an informative video that will show someone everything they need to know in order make a 6ft Florida Cow Whip. The great thing about a nylon cow whip is that you can make one practically anywhere.  I’ve made cow whips while on vacation at the beach, at the in-law’s house, in my living room,  and out in my shed too. It doesn’t matter if you live on a 2000 acre Florida ranch, or a one bedroom apartment in Toronto, there’s no reason you cannot make a Florida cow whip for yourself.

I will be starting on this project after the July 4th Holiday. I’m not sure how long it will take me to produce this, so be sure to check back periodically for more information.

Any questions, suggestions, or constructive advice is welcome. Feel free to email me at Rhettswhips @