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At long last is back up and running again! The outage lasted much longer than I had anticipated and I hope it will not be too detrimental to my business. The good thing about the outage is that it happened during a time I was not taking on new orders.

I”m running way behind due to a number of unforeseen issues with my job and extended family. Right now I’m working on orders from June.  July was a heavy month for incoming orders, so when I get started on July’s orders,  I expect it will take some time to work through them. For those who already have an order in with me, please rest assured that I am working as hard as I can to get to your order.

I am now going to start taking on new orders, but please note: I cannot guarantee a delivery date at this time. It looks as if the wait time will be around 16 weeks on a new order, but that could vary. Because of the length of the wait, I am not going to require a full prepayment for the order; a deposit of $25.00 will reserve a spot on my waiting list.

When I get some time to do some more writing, I want to share with you all the latest information on my son’s progress as a fledgling whipmaker.

That should get everything up to date for now…



Redesigned Kelley Nylon Snakewhip

Here’s a picture of a new snakewhip I made recently. It is a 4ft x 16 plait and has 5 part, 4 bight turkshed knot with a black pineapple interweave. Please note that tail of this whip is finished with a fall hitch and not a tapering twist. Going forward, this will be standard  unless someone specifies that they want a twisted tail.

Please note also: This is the last 4ft snakewhip I will make. From now on, all the minimum length for my snakewhips will be 5 feet.

The Evolution of Kelley Nylon Bullwhips

This is a sort of follow up article to my earlier posts entitled The Development of the Kelley Nylon Bullwhip and Mo’ Guts = Mo’ Better. I want to highlight that the Kelley line of nylon bullwhips has undergone some changes in 2009; changes that I hope people will find to be an improvement on my design. I highlighted the internal improvements in Mo’ Guts = Mo’ Better, but in this post I want to highlight one of the external changes I have made.

My earlier bullwhips featured the tapering twist that is common to Florida cow whips. This can be seen on some of the remaining bullwhip pics I have at Being a maker of cow whips, when I started making bullwhips I kept this method because it was familiar to me and I didn’t feel the need to change it at the time. (You will notice that Krist King’s bullwhips also have a tapering twist and not a fall hitch.)

When I started making nylon stockwhipsback in February, I wanted to make them as traditional looking as possible so I went with the fall hitch design. After I finished that first stockwhip, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to start doing the fall hitch on the bullwhips and snakewhips as well. Since March, Florida cow whips are the only whips I make that feature the twisted tail. At this time I am slowly replacing the older bullwhip and snakewhip pictures on to reflect this change.

For those who liked the older design, do not despair, I will gladly make bullwhips, snakewhips, or stockwhips with the twist of the customer prefers it. So far the new change has been received well. And while I haven’t done it so far, if someone wanted a cow whip with a fall hitch, I don’t have any problems with doing that.

As a whipmaker, I find that even though I’ve been plaiting over 18 years, I never stop learning. One thing I hope to accomplish with these and future improvements is to add value to my products. I have always made it my goal to provide top quality nylon whips at prices that are hard to beat. Speaking of hard to beat prices, be sure to check out my July Bullwhip Sale if you haven’t done so already!


Beware of Falling Prices!

Several weeks back, I decided to raise my prices on bullwhips and snakewhips. The decision was based on increased order volume as well as a few other things. I stated that the market would decide if my price increase was the right decision. After several weeks, I now have my doubts about that increase and will be changing my prices back to the old rates.

This means my bullwhip prices are now back at $18.00 per foot and my snakewhips are returning to $16.00 per foot. It will be a few days before is updated, but this is price change is effective immediately.

Please note:

I am making this change retroactive. Those who ordered a snake or bullwhip at the $20.00/foot price (and are still waiting to receive it) will receive a refund for the difference or  credit toward another purchase/item.

To order, please visit the order page at

The Quest for Deer Leather: Almost there!

Today I started on the 2nd hide that I have. I fleshed it and now it’s in the lime bath for a couple of days.

My son and I took the first hide out of the tanning solution and rinsed it. After that we hung in on the stretching rack to dry. After I’ve greased it, it will be ready to be made into a cow whip.

Here’s the pic:

Bark Tanned Deer Leather

Bark Tanned Deer Leather

Waiting List, Leather Update, and Christmas Deadline

My current turn-around time on new whip orders is about 12 weeks +/-.  This is just an estimate. I should be off work next week and getting in plenty of quality plaiting time, so maybe I can knock a nice dent in that backlog.

My deer hide is still soaking in the tanning solution.  I am hoping to be able to finish it up and start on another next week. I’ll try to get some more pics of that  project sometime soon.

Lastly, now is the time to be thinking about placing orders for Christmas. I know that not too many folks are thinking about Christmas gifts in June, but every year scores of people email me at the last minute asking if I have any nylon bullwhips for sale only to be disappointed.  This year I am asking that all Christmas orders be in by mid-September at the latest.

Whips I Finished Today…

4.5 ft snakewhip

8ft black bullwhip

This bullwhip is the first I have made that features a traditional fall hitch instead of the tapered twist that is common on Florida cow whips. (Update: This is now the new standard for bullwhips and snakewhips at