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Waiting List Update

At current speeds, it appears I will be closer to 12 weeks out on new orders rather than the 14-16 posted on my site. However, I might continue to advertise 14-16 just in case we have any more unexpected events that could slow me down. 2013 was terrible in that regard. I’m trying to get as much done as I can now to get the wait lowered for the usual Spring influx of orders. It’s best to get your orders in sooner rather in later. I expect the normal uptick in order volume as we approach Spring.

Waiting List Update

Just wanted to post a quick update to inform those of you on my waiting list due to recent sickness in my family, I’ve gotten at least 2 weeks behind schedule on the waiting time estimates I posted on my site during February and most of this Month. I’m trying to get back on track, but it’s slow going. I appreciate your continued patience as I try to get caught up.


New Son, Working Hard to Catch Up

I am happy to announce that my newest son, Vance, was born on Thursday. He and my wife are now home and doing well. For those keeping track, this is child #5 for us. Vance is my 4th son.

With the new addition, I am scheduled to be on leave from my job for about 3 weeks. My plans are to help with the baby and really work hard to knock out as many of the whips on my list as possible. I have already made 2 since Friday. If memory serves, my friend Joe Driver made 8 whips in about 4 days during the Christmas rush last year, so I’m going to see if I can accomplish something along those lines while I am off. If I could make 30 whips in the next 3 weeks without my hands falling off, that would be awesome… Wish me luck.

(And Even if I am not able to make 30 whips during the next 3 weeks, I’ll hopefully be able to knock down a significant amount of time on everyone’s wait for their order. That’s the main thing I hope to accomplish.)

I’m also hoping that I will be able to get some more work done on the whipmaking video we are going to produce. That will largely depend on my wife’s recovery time from having the baby and if the baby will sleep long enough for us to do any filming in the evenings.

Thanks again,


Out of Action Due to Injury

It doesn’t happen often for a nylon plaiter, but today I drew blood! I was making handles for my son and the end of the handle I was drilling out split apart allowing the rotating wood bit to make contact with my left hand that was holding the piece. It chewed up the end of my index finger and “cradle area” by my thumb. It bled a lot and it throbbing like crazy right now. I think I’ll be out of action for upwards of a week.  I’m typing with only one hand right now… sad

This is the first such incident I’ve had in almost 10 years of whipmaking. Maybe I should’ve listened to my grandpa’s advice all these years and used something other than my hand to hold that handle while drilling it out!!!  wink tongue

To those waiting for an order, I apologize for the delay. As soon as I am able to use my left hand again, I’ll get back to work.



An Explanation of New Price Structure

Before I begin accepting orders again, I want to post a brief explanation of my new price schedule.

For years I have tried to be somewhat of a “low price leader” among nylon whipmakers. (I guess working for Walmart Logistics for 14+ years has had an effect on my business philosophy.) While my prices have crept up some over the past 9 years, a survey of other whipmaker’s websites recently showed me that have been charging far less than some of my competitors on comparable whips. Things have even gotten to the point where some of my customers have suggested that I am not charging enough for my whips.

Keeping my whips affordable for my cowboy clientele is still very important to me. I have always tried to keep my cow whip prices within an acceptable range for them. This concern has been the main thing that kept me from raising my prices already. While the price of my whips in the “sport cracking” category are a good bit higher, my new prices are relatively the same for the whips most commonly ordered by cowboys from Florida (12ft and 14ft cow whips).

For example: With the new schedule, my 12ft cow whips are only $12.00 more. 14ft cow whips are only $4.00 more…  However, these prices are now a much better value than in the past because they now include a choice of several exotic and laminate handles! No more paying extra for a fine exotic handle unless it’s one of the very expensive African species.

Another change is that my bullwhip price schedule now groups woody bulls and regular bulls together. As with the cow whips, there is no additional charge for an exotic handle on a bullwhip unless an expensive African species (white and black ebony, blackwood, or gaboon ebony for example).

If it seems I am being greedy or that my price increases are too steep, I would like to recommend the following article by Steve Huntress. I think he makes some great points on why a quality nylon whip doesn’t always have to be dirt cheap:

Quality Isn’t Cheap & Neither Are Nylon Whips.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or post them in the comment box.



Ordering Update

Again this month I will not be accepting any new orders for whips… Things are still very busy with working my job, EMT school, and trying to get through the orders I already have on my list. (not to mention family, church, and needing some free time!) However, I am accepting orders for piggin’ strings, falls, poppers, and custom cow whip handles.

If you need a whip, please visit some of the links in my blogroll below or contact one of the whipmakers I have featured on my blog recently.

My son Cordell is also accepting orders. Please see the Second Generation Whips page or email me at Rhettswhips @ for more information.



Order Book is Closed for April, But….

I’ve decided to use this time to promote some other whipmakers. I have come to know a few plaiters who are just starting out and/or have little or no web presence. These are guys you may not have heard about before, but they enjoy making whips and would be willing to take some orders while I’m working on my backlog.

Of the fellows I have in mind to include in this promotion, I intend to post a brief bio, some pictures of their work, and contact information so interested parties will know how to get in touch with the plaiter. Two of these plaiters are sending me a whip to try. If others do this as well, I may have some incite to share concerning how the whips crack too.

Keep checking back as I hope to start featuring these plaiters in the next couple of weeks.


Please note: Though I am not taking orders for whips at this time, I am continuing to fill orders for exotic handles, piggin’ strings, falls and crackers… Thanks!

Odds and Ends

The last two months have been very busy. Work picked up at my job, so now I have returned to being a “part-time whipmaker.” With that, I have gotten behind schedule on my orders. I am currently working on orders from early July. I hope to be done with the July orders by the first of December. I currently have between 25 and 30 whips on the slate to be made. If you’re still waiting, please hang in there as I am working feverishly to get to everyone.

In other news, at just 10 year of age, my son Cordell will be finishing his second whip order very soon. He is currently working a large order of 6ft cow whips that are destined for a cattle ranch in Cameroon, Africa. As you can imagine, I am very excited for Cordell and quite proud of him.  Cordell’s whips are currently $11.00 per foot.  Cordell only takes on a limited number of orders each month due to school and other activities.

The latest exotic wood that I have turned for cow whip handles is Mopani. This African wood is very hard and makes a very nice looking handle. I have a picture of the new handle in my exotic handle gallery.

That’s all for now!

-Rhett Online Again!

At long last is back up and running again! The outage lasted much longer than I had anticipated and I hope it will not be too detrimental to my business. The good thing about the outage is that it happened during a time I was not taking on new orders.

I”m running way behind due to a number of unforeseen issues with my job and extended family. Right now I’m working on orders from June.  July was a heavy month for incoming orders, so when I get started on July’s orders,  I expect it will take some time to work through them. For those who already have an order in with me, please rest assured that I am working as hard as I can to get to your order.

I am now going to start taking on new orders, but please note: I cannot guarantee a delivery date at this time. It looks as if the wait time will be around 16 weeks on a new order, but that could vary. Because of the length of the wait, I am not going to require a full prepayment for the order; a deposit of $25.00 will reserve a spot on my waiting list.

When I get some time to do some more writing, I want to share with you all the latest information on my son’s progress as a fledgling whipmaker.

That should get everything up to date for now…




The Summer months have brought me a tremendous increase in ordering volume. That combined with the normal unexptected things of life, has brought me to the place where my waiting list was just getting out of hand. Therefore, I have decided to stop taking new orders until I get some of the existing back-log caught up. This will only be for a brief period of time. At the moment I decide to take on more orders, I’ll post the notification here.

Also, I am running a bit behind on the orders that I already have, perhaps 2 or 3 weeks behind schedule. So if you’re currently waiting on an order, please be patient. I will get your order to you as soon as I am able.

If you are looking for a new whip, I would be glad to make one for you once I start taking on more orders, but until then, please visit one of my friends and fellow nylon plaiters. The prices and waiting times for each  plaiter will vary, but at least it will give you some options until I am ready to take on new orders:

Ron Allen –

Joe Driver –

Steve Koliski – 


Rhett Kelley