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New Cow/Stock Whip Design

6ft cow stockwhip


This idea is by no means original, but this is a prototype of a design I’ve wanted to try for a while. These aren’t currently available to be ordered, but maybe one day in the future I’ll add this style to my online store. The handle is 16.5″ and turned on the lathe from laminated Padauk and Oak blank with an Aussie style keeper attached to the handle instead of the traditional cow whip cup. The thong is a standard nylon stockwhip style.

Whip Basics Ring of Trust

I am honored to be among the 1st group of whipmakers included of the Whip Basics Ring of Trust.

In the following video, Robby Amper discusses why he created the group.


Win a Kelley Performance Whip

A few days ago, I posted an article about our apiary fundraiser.

Since then, I’ve added a special contribution perk for whip enthusiasts: If you claim the win a whip perk for a contribution of $10 or above, you will be entered in a drawing at the end of our campaign for a custom Kelley Performance Whip of your choice.

At the time of this writing, 4 out of 50 entries have been claimed so the odds are still really good. I have capped the number of entries at 50, but you can claim the perk more than once to increase your odds of winning! One donor entered twice already.

Thanks for whatever you do, even if it’s just sharing this post with someone who may be interested.

Kelley Performance Whips are here!


Kelley Performance Whip

Kelley Performance Whips Are Here!

A recent twist on the time tested Florida cow whip design are the so-called “pipe whips.” To my knowledge, these whips were first introduced by a whipmaker named Chris Hall and later popularized by Lauren Wickline of Midwestwhips. Since then, the design has been copied by many others. Now this design is finally available from one of the most trusted name in synthetic whips –Rhett Kelley Whips!

Get the first one FREE!

If you are interested in being one of the first to own a Kelley Performance Whip -and get it FOR FREEvisit the KPW page at my website for more details and to enter. Drawing will be held on Oct 14th, just after noon.

Whip Making Tutorial Introduction Free on Youtube

I’ve just made the first section of my whip making tutorial available publicly on Youtube for the first time.  It’s my introduction all the way through making a keeper and adding weight for the belly.  The rest of the tutorial is available on DVD, for sale at http://www.cowwhips.com/whip-making-dvds/

Busy Week

All I have for you is just a quick update for this week. Though I wish I had gotten more plaiting done, I did manage to build a workbench out in my shed so I can make leather lace. Having been a nylon plaiter for so many years, I’ve always had the luxury of working in my house. Making leather lace is a bit more messy than working with nylon, so that project is having to go outside.

Speaking of leather lace, I spent some time this weekend making lace from a cow hide (kip) I got from Ron Allen a while back. I even squeezed in time to make an 8 plait belly that will be made into a 10ft leather cow whip sometime soon. The main thing for me was just to get some time in with my lace making tools. The Dene Williams hand held splitter I have works like a charm. I even took a chance and skived some lace with the Tandy skiving tool I have. It came out fairly good I think. I reckon my son and I made somewhere in the neighborhood of 200+ feet of lace on Friday. When I get the kip hide cow whip finished, I’ll post some pics.

Happy Cracking everyone.