I noticed that I’m one of the only plaiters that doesn’t have any testimonials posted. Here’s what some of my customers -as well as a few other plaiters- have said about my whips:

“I just got the [bullwhip] about an hour ago, and man am I impressed.  This being my first whip I wasn’t sure what to be expecting but I had read up on how to do a couple of cracks and was able to do them successfully with the new whip.  It’s got a good weight to it, love the color, and just couldn’t be happier with it.” -Mike; Texas

“Just received whips today, They are excellent! Took them out for a few practice cracks a they work really well. Thanks for crafting me a fine pair of whips, the handles are really nice too, don’t sell yourself short with your lathe work it’s really good.” – Paul; Mass.

“Very nice craftsmanship. My son and I were very impressed. Thanks for the quality product. Look forward to our next order.”  -Brian; TN.

“…king of the cow whips…” -Robert Dante, performer; MN.

“OMG!! [The stockwhip] is more perfect than I imagined. It is gorgeous!! I can’t wait to play with it. You do beautiful work! I truly appreciate your effort and look forward to ordering my next one from you next month!” -Roland; Texas

“I enjoyed seeing your nylon whip on Saturday. You seem to have handled the
problem of the end of the whip being very light. Most I have seen are light
in the point, and have to be cut back to get a crack out of them. Keep it
up.” –David Morgan; whipmaker

“That [WBSR Cow Whip] is a fast little whip, just what I need in the cow lot. I will take it to the feed store and get you some orders. I’m sure that I will want a deer hide whip sooner or later.Thanks again for the great whip.” -Stan; Texas

“Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know that your [stockwhips] work great. I did a show on the weekend and used my new stock whips and bull whip and they worked a treat and I had a lot of interest in them.” -James Wilson; Australia

“The most accurate [cow whip] that I have seen.” -Ron Allen;  Florida

“Received my beautiful black & white whip today with TOTAL satisfaction. You have surpassed my high expectations with this cow whip, and, your masterful craftsmanship has exceeded every other cow whip I own or have handled. The pattern, not only with the top of the thong, but throughout it`s length, is perfect. And, I love the handle; the flare is perfect, – creative, without straying too far from tradition. (In case your not getting the point, I REALLY LOVE this whip.)” –Rick;  Florida

“Recently as part of a swap between Rhett Kelley and myself I came into possession of a 14 ft nylon cow whip. I had always been a bit dismissive of these new fangled nylon whips. Who had ever heard of such a thing, whips made from nylon cord indeed, rubbish and poppycock. I’m a leather man, always have been and always will be or so I thought but now I’m not that sure anymore. I have to say that the whip Rhett made for me is one of the easiest I have cracked. I’ve never been a fan of long whips, anything over 8ft and your getting into hard work as far as I’m concerned but this whip,  all 14 feet of it,  cracks with the greatest of ease, falls nice and true and really goes of with a bang, dogs and cats shot off everywhere and were no where to be found for quite awhile. Good work Rhett and if anyone wants a nylon cow whip I highly recommend the whips that Rhett Kelley makes.” -Bernie Wojcicki; Australia

“I received my [cow whip] and thank you. All I can say is , WOOO HOOO !! It’s a
beauty and it handles like a dream. I can see me doing business with you in
the future.” -Ben; Orlando, FL.

Here’s a video review of one of my WBSR cow whips by whipcracking coach, Robby Amper:

4 responses to “Testimonials

  • Joe (Brokenfeather) Darrah

    Hi Rhett
    I’m not sure how many of your whips I’ve gotten to date but they were all exactly as I ordered and handled and tracked beautifully!
    I’m much better know in knife throwing circles and am working on yours but had some back issues over the last few months so have not gotten to finish it up just yet.
    I have to tell you I have taught so many people and they love your whips so much I usually end up giving them to the folks, I’ll need some more soon!!!
    I used to do a whip routine when I worked as a knife thrower in the circus but your whips are a far cry from those old things!
    I have Roo, Deer, Cow and Nylon whips and some are by very well known makers, I’d stack yours up against any of them!!!
    My Derw Schrag whip with hand turned Ebony handle is my personal favorite and have a few other makers whips but your nylons as far as I’m concerned are unequaled!
    Joe Darrah
    Custom Knives

  • Calvin Hayes

    Rhett’s Whip are 5*!!!
    I contacted Rhett with a very unsual request to make me a whip identical to what Britney Spears currently uses in her world tour! Being able to identify and make an exact replica better than the original was something that I really admire! He is a real crafts man with a real tallent. Living in Ireland is rather difficult to find someone than can make something like this. I would have no doubt that you too would be very happy with any whip that he would make for you!

    Thanks again rhett! No doubt you will here from em again!!!!!

    Calvin Hayes
    Limerick City, Ireland

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