Cow Whip Tutorial DVDs are now available! My 2 disc set will take you through all the steps I use to make a nylon Florida cow whip. I show you the supplies you need and show you all of my secrets. All you need to be able to do is a standard whipmaker’s plait up to 12 strands.

The DVD set is $36.00 with shipping included in the USA. To order, visit http://www.cowwhips.com/whip-making-dvds/

Whipmaking Supplies and other Resources:

#650 Nylon Paracord:

Call Ray Rios @ R&W Rope Warehouse for ordering full spools of at least 1000ft of 650 coreless cord or 1200ft of 550 cord.


Be sure to tell him that Rhett Kelley sent you.

For smaller orders of 500ft or less, I recommend U-Braid-It.com

Sinker Cord:

I now sell the 3/8″ sinker cord that many of us nylon whipmakers use for making their shot loaded cores. This product makes stringing up BBs very easy. Leading vendors of this product only ship with UPS making it super expensive for people only ordering a few feet at a time. When you’re just starting out making whips, you may not want to buy large quantities at first. Ordering your smaller quantities from me will save you lots of money in shipping. (Just 6ft of sinker from most vendors can cost $17.00 with shipping!)

Postage included to all U.S. addresses!

Exotic Wood:



How to Make Whips by Ron Edwards

Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding.

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